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A refreshing summer treat!

Sunny summer days are approaching and what better way to enjoy them than with some tasty Watermelon and Kiwi popsicles to brighten the day.

Serves 16 (3 Ounce Pops)

Prep Time (10 min)

Freeze time (3 hours)

Ingredients ½ pure de sandia 5 kiwis sliced without peeling Agave Honey (optional)


Slice the watermelon into large pieces and blend until mashed. Half a watermelon will generate 5 cups.

Before filling the molds, try how sweet it is. If it's not too sweet add a spoonful of agave honey and mix.

Filling pallet molds with watermelon puree leaving some space for kiwi slices Cut the kiwi into slices and place them at the end of the popsicle mold, then place the popsicle sticks. Let freeze for 3 hours.

All ingredients listed can be found at the Mercado! Just ask one of our friendly associates for help finding them.

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